View of the city of Salamanca and its cathedral reflected in the river Tormes

This Congress arises in response to the growing number of studies on the School of Salamanca in recent years in very diverse places. It is about pooling the work of researchers who deal with the School in different geographic zones. This cultural movement began in Spain, but the historical period in which it was born, supposed wide projections not only in Europe but also throughout the Hispanic empire. Consequently, when reconstructing today the roots of the Hispanic peoples, many scholars from different universities around the world recognize a common root in Salamanca. On the other hand, the influence of the Salamanca’s scholars in other universities and later thinkers makes them the fathers of Modernity, so that they are becoming more and more attractive for Anglophone and German-speaking scholars.

For these reasons, we find interesting to take advantage of the rise of the telematic media lately developed among us due to the unhappy pandemic, in order to provide a forum for discussion for diverse scholars. The possibility of holding the congress online makes much easier the presence of many people who, due to other commitments, do not have mobility facilities: above all, it makes contact between American and European researchers much more reachable. Thereby, holding the Congress in collaboration with the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas (Brazil) is a way of materializing Salamanca’s projection beyond the ocean.